We believe judicial internships & clerkships should be accessible for all.

Our mission is to expand student access to judges and to better
educate the next generation of American attorneys.

Our Story

The Clerk team originally launched as a judicial in Washington, D.C. FW has partnered with judges all over the United States and facilitated clerkships tudents from dozens of the best law schools in the country.

In 2020, the team founded Clerk, a software tool connecting law students with judges and open clerkship opportunities. The team realized that by creating one centralized database of judges across the US and by allowing judges to list open positions for students, they were able to save students, judges, and school career offices time and money.

Clerk's mission is to reduce complexity in the U.S. judicial internship process and promote equal access opportunities for America’s next generation of attorneys. We want to equip law students with real life training, legal experiences, and the confidence necessary to begin their journey to become great lawyers. We believe that by centralizing the network by which law students and judges connect, we can ensure all talented and driven law students are equipped to not only endure law school, but flourish beyond it.

Connecting law students and judges since
We have worked with hundreds of judges:
Applicants from dozens of law schools:

Our team

John Christian Kuehnert

founder & CEO

Entrepreneur based in Charlotte, NC. Founder of Project Crohn's, a nonprofit that supports students battling Crohn's Disease. Aspiring homemade pizza aficionado. Married to the one and only Josefa Gonzalez. Proud alum of Covenant College & Oxford University.

Lawson Kuehnert

Co-founder, CTO

Serial entrepreneur based in New York City. Aspiring amateur chef. Married to the smart & lovely Hannah Copeland. Proud alum of UNC-Chapel Hill.

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