Custom Software for Finding and Managing Legal Opportunities. Free for all.

Clerk opens the door for law students to apply for judicial internship, externship, and clerkship opportunities.

Clerk increases transparency, promotes meritocracy, and reduces complexity.

Clerk is a software platform that ensures all law students have equal access to judges and to available internship or clerkship opportunities. We have served students from 20+ law schools and counting!

Free for judges.

  • Easy to sign-up
  • 24/7 support if you need it
  • We can help you build a profile
  • Promote multiple student opportunities
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“We built Clerk because we believe it should be easier for law students to connect with amazing state judges for internships, externships, and clerkships."

Lawson Kuehnert
CTO of Clerk

Database for students.

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  • Search internship & Clerkship opportunities
  • Get 1-year access
  • Apply to multiple opportunities easily
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“We are excited to help law students and judges use Clerk. Reach out anytime."

James Haynes, Co-founder

"It’s rare to come across a standout program like FW Scholars (now Clerk). The program afforded me the opportunity to speak at length with public defenders, clerks, prosecutors, judges, and other members of the court."

Eunji Kang
George Washington University Law School
Alumni, FW Scholars

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